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Startup Services

Specialised services to startups regardless their stage of funding.
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What we offer
Startup Services

We are a 360 Consultancy Services, which means we can be part of everystep of your journey. We provide specialised services to startups regardless of their funding stage. We have the know-how to get ideas from the ground up, and with our skills and expertise, we can put your idea on the right track.

We are in Protip UK are passionate about your growth, and we strive to support and mentor you in every stage of your startup using our extensive experience, connections and partners.

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What we offer
Product Strategy
Most startups base their ideas around a product that allows their customers to get a benefit that fits their needs, some of these ideas are realistic, and others are an absolute dream. With Protip, we ask you to start dreaming, and we will help you shape an entire strategy around your product, pricing, marketing, sales, etc. We help you understand and implement what is needed to get your idea to the market.
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What we offer
Vendor Selection
Building up the proper marketing the sales strategy will allow your product to elevate to the next level. You must ensure you are approaching the right audience at the right time. Investors see that as proof that you are set up to success, and eventually, the right strategy will lead to growth and long-term business stability.
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What we offer
Marketing and Sales Strategy

Never walk alone! Success can be achieved faster if you have partners so that you both can cross-sale your product and services, promote each other work, and build the future together. Protip will help you to achieve that by suggesting possible partners and putting you in front of them to get a win-win deal that can boost your product growth.

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What we offer
Investment and funding Preps

Bootstrapping your startup is always tempting, but every product growth comes with a cost, and we would love to help you increase your fund possibilities. We can help you contact Angel Investors, Venture Capitals and participate in writing your grants.

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Peter, Protip UK CEO, is a joy to work with. He is highly professional, and capable and pays enormous attention to details. Peter understands operations, legalities, and compliance and would be a great asset to any business he joins. He has a strong work ethic and does not give up when solving business problems.

Atef Elmarakby
Lawyer & Entrepreneur, CEO of GAUK, GCUK, GLF and GLS