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Recruitment Services

Talent search, interview, staff augmentation, outsourcing and people operations management consultancy.
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what we offer
Finding Talent
Finding the right talent to complement your team dynamics, drive business growth, and maintain high productivity can be daunting. The challenge lies in establishing a robust process to identify and attract exceptional candidates amidst fierce market competition.

We collaborate with you to discover the ideal fit for your open roles. This is achieved by crafting engaging job posts and gaining insight into your team's dynamics and expertise. Our tailored approach helps us understand your unique needs and expectations.

Our targeted recruitment campaigns and filtering process ensure that only the top candidates are delivered for your evaluation. Experience the difference and elevate your hiring process with our comprehensive, results-driven approach to talent acquisition.
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Job post crafting

We will meet with your team to understand the team dynamics, role scope, role benefits, duties, and qualifications. We will highlight the essential qualities required and unique duties to the role to attract the right candidates.

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Hiring campaigns

We publish job posts on the highly ranked job listing websites and applications candidates use. In addition, we start head hunting for the best talent that matches your criteria and keeps refining the posts until you receive the right candidates.

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Filtering and Screening

We look at every candidate we receive and understand their potential and added value. After Screening, successful candidates will be sent to you by email, via our candidates' platform, or your selected platform with a conclusive summary about each candidate.

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People Operations
We integrate our consultants with your team to understand the process and improve your people operations, including your performance and reward management, feedback process and other processes affecting your team's productivity.
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Service Enquiry
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Product Management Services
Product management is one of the most crucial areas in any product life cycle. If it is not done right, you may have significant negative results. A successful product needs a product manager who is technically aware of the product stack. Protip UK provides this service on either consultation or contract models to help you shape and manage your product efficiently and set the correct product strategy.
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What our customer say
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Partnering with Protip UK Limited for recruiting services provided top candidates for our client needs in the UK. Peter knew exactly the caliber of expert we were looking for and was diligent to search, screen, and present available people to us that fit the budget of our project work. We highly recommend working with Peter and his team for your recruitment services.

Kareen Zahr Walsh
CEO/Founder Revampologist LLC